Jobs in Manufacturing

A myriad of technology is now available to Executive Recruitment Organisations to help store, locate and identify high calibre candidates for their client’s recruitment projects. Sophisticated recruitment specific databases and web search technology helps the executive recruitment consultant to speed up the initial phases of the search and take the legwork out of exercises such as qualifying qualifications and experience gained within specific industries. The question then is, do executives who are looking for new opportunities within the Manufacturing and Engineering marketplace take these new developments into consideration when putting together their CV?

Traditionally, your CV is a list of the things you have achieved in your career to date. It shows a list of your qualifications, your roles and responsibilities along with your main achievements. As web technology has impacted upon the volume of responses being generated to each executive and senior management vacancy, and the way these applications are “pre-screened,” is important to consider the content of your CV further. “Peppering” your CV with phrases or words that that might be searched for in Boolean driven screening mechanisms should now be a norm when writing your CV. It might be obvious to people from within your industry sector for example, what your company manufactures, what the client base is, what manufacturing process you use, what engineering technology you employ on site, what lean manufacturing tools you use- six sigma, kaizan, kanban, poka yoke, OEE, takt time, 5S, agile manufacturing, SMED, TPM, JIT, OTIF etc, but in order for your CV to be highlighted by the tools mentioned above, it is important that this information is present within your CV.