Leverage Machinery Auctions

Every manufacturing company wants to increase their cost effectiveness and reduce their input costs. This process becomes more significant for companies that use metal turning equipment, as the prices of all metals are constantly rising. Sadly, you cannot do anything to control the process of sourcing raw materials because they depend on wider global factors that are beyond your control. Therefore, to control input costs, go for used CNC machines from machinery auctions.

This article here lists some tips that will help you buy these used machine tools in better condition and for less money.

Machinery Auctions Give No Warranties!

This is a major drawback of machinery auctions as all of these machines are sold to you without any warranty. This basically means that if the used lathes you bought from such an auction, die down a day later, you won’t have anywhere else to go. This presents a serious risk to those who trust these used equipment with their hard earned money. In the bargain, you lose more money than you were trying to save.

The best way to avoid this highly undesirable situation is surprisingly simple. With some careful observation you will be able to shortlist the dubious equipment at a machinery auction. Just watch out for certain details about the machinery at the auction as given below.

1.The date on which the equipment was manufactured.
2.Total time for which the machine was under operation. This can be found from the console.
3.The appearance of the machine. Its looks will say a lot more about its condition than the data from the console.
4. Nature of the place where the machine was being used.

These are some very important factors that will help you find out the true value of the machine. Various organizations place their equipment under the hammer at these machinery auctions. You should look for machines that are from universities and other such reputed places. This is because they take good care of their machinery. They properly service these tools over regular intervals as prescribed by the manufacturer.

Do Not Overbid

The atmosphere at these machinery auctions is usually characterized by frenzy. The auctioneers want to tap the hammer as soon as possible and they give the impression of being in a hurry. This gives the bidders very little time to think before they are able to place their bids. You should set limits for your budget before going to the site of auction.


Generally it is your responsibility to rig and transport the machinery from the site of auction. You are left with no other option but to use some third party services. If and when you use them, remember to ask them about their insurance information. Make sure that you get the copies of the liability documents before initiating the process of rigging and transportation.

By following these above mentioned guidelines you will not only save money on your machinery but will also buy equipment that is durable and profitable in the long run.