Perfume Mixing Machine

Over the years, there has been an increasing demand for efficiency in perfume production. Therefore, a perfume manufacturing machine became a necessity. Indeed, perfume manufacturing has come a long way and has undergone quite a process to perfect it.

Perfume History Correlates with that of Humans

The name, perfume, came from the Latin “per” which means “through” and “fumus” meaning “smoke”. It was then given the name parfum by the French due to the pleasing smell brought about by incense burning. Incense was the first form of perfume since the perfume mixing machine had not been invented.

It is also noteworthy that perfumes were common even during the time of Christ. The Bible is our written proof of this. When the three wise men visited the newborn Jesus, they brought with them myrrh and frankincense. This is very remarkable, since the emulsifier was not available back then.

After a while the Egyptians learned to use incense. This came about through many expeditions. There were extensive searches for incense as well as other valuable supplies. Without the use of the now celebrated perfume manufacturing machine, they managed to make perfumes by soaking gum, resins and aromatic wood in water. The product was used as body lotion and perfumes for their dead.

The Egyptians influenced a lot of civilizations like the Greeks and Romans where perfumery was considered an Oriental Art. The influence spread to nearby countries which continued the traditional ways of making perfumes. Still, no perfume emulsifier was accessible despite the high demand. Perfumes were integrated into people’s lives since they were used by them in baths, creams & emollients, body soaps, etc.

Perfumery was so well-known that there was increased imports and exports of flowers, oils and other essential components. This was widespread and the power of trading greatly increased. Along with this boost in perfumery was the development of beautifully crafted containers. Many different materials were used to construct the containers such as alabaster, porcelain, glass, gold and some types of precious stones.

Perfume Emulsifier; A Thing of the Present

With the availability of a perfume manufacturing machines, there are no reasons why present companies cannot create superb fragrances. Especially now that perfumes are used for healing and making people feel better (aroma therapy). These machines make production time faster thereby meeting the rising demand due to widespread and frequent use of perfumes.

Our rich perfumery history has flourished through time even without the use of a perfume machine. It should now be a strength when exploring possibilities towards excellence in perfumery today.